CALCIOTTO (zonAction): board game on football.


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Calciotto (zonAction):
it is the board game on football with eight players. Organize your team according to your tactical choices placing on the field the best players to try to win the match! Exploit the football player's strength or his quickness and help yourself through the calciotto cards to defeat the adversary! Try to understand your adversary's tactics contrasting it even with proper replacements. So with "CALCIOTTO zonAction" you can play as a football player or as a trainer.
1 book with rules (in 5 languages); 1 game board (the football field divided in squared squares); 26 miniatures of football players (2 teams of football players of 13 elements each); 1 pack of "calciotto" cards; 2 sheets of cards in 4 languages; 2 dice with score from 1 to 6 [1/6]; 1 dice plus/minus [+/-]; 4 balls (miniatures); 2 football players'cards (where reserves are placed and where cautions and expulsions are indicated); little yellows signals to indicate the cautions.
Players: 2+ [(you can play even in more than 2 organizing yourselves into 2 teams), (you can organize tournaments too)].
Age: 8 years +.
Difficulty: medium/easy